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Ranchers Welding was located in Cromer Manitoba and they were getting lots of sales in the United States so they decided to open a manufacturing plant here in the states. They decided to build the plant in South-Central South Dakota in the small town of Gregory. Ranchers Livestock Equipment began operation in 2007, manufacturing Livestock Feeding and Containment Equipment. 

Roger Petersen was hired as plant manager. Roger had welding experience and drafting experience from working at trailer manufacturing plants in Mitchell SD for the previous 16 years. He was raised on the family farm and had a great understanding of how to build things. One of Roger's greatest talents was being able to look at a picture and make a print so the shop could build the item. He has designed and re-designed products to make them work best for the customers.

In 2011 Roger's wife, Laura, joined the company as office manager. She brings experience in the fields of purchasing, managing, inventory and marketing to the company. 

Roger and Laura bought the company on October 1, 2014 making it a locally owned South Dakota manufacturing plant. They employ a salesman, a painter, a saw operator and usually 8-11 welders.  They have dealers in 9 states and customers as far away as the West Coast and down into Texas and Tennessee.

The goal of Ranchers Livestock Equipment is to build safe, quality equipment for Ranchers and Farmers. They pride themselves on the safety of the calving pen and the durability of the bale feeders.  They like their items to be easy to use for the end user and are willing to make adjustments to products to fit the customer's needs.

Ranchers Livestock Equipment is a thriving business and with their great dealers and customers they plan on staying busy for years to come. Thank you for visiting. Have a good day!

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